How to Set Goals in Life ?

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downloadHow to Set Goals in Life ?

Goal setting is identifying what you want to achieve in life, how you will achieve it and measure that achievement. Goals must be set according to your age but break them down into realistic steps so that you can measure them over a period of time.

For those who may find difficult to determine their long-term goals, here is my “Three Fs Triangle of Goal Setting”

  • Fitness: (mental alertness, physical fitness and being disease free)
  • Financial Independence: (regular income, tangible assets and cash to spare) and
  • Fame/recognition: (known to be expert in at least one field),

While every person has to develop his/her own strategy in accordance with his circumstances and preferences for the achievement of fitness, financial independence and fame respectively, but I can suggest some guidelines in this respect


It has three dimensions-physical fitness, mental alertness and being disease free

  • Physical fitness: Physical fitness requires balanced diet, moderate exercise and stress management. Eat everything you like but ensure that it contains all the five ingredients i.e. carbohydrates, protein etc per recommendations and never overdo while eating. I never recommend weight reduction for fitness, rather other way round- take care of your fitness and it will take care of your weight. Moderate exercise of 20/30 minutes per day does wonders for keeping you fit. Stress management comes from lowering your expectations from people, society, state and God.
  • Mental Alertness: Mental alertness is achieved by keeping yourself busy with something you know and like. However, learning new skills, daily reading and periodic writing, solving puzzles and learning a new language are some of the excellent ways of improving your level of mental health. There are so many free course available on internet; just fix a set time every day for these activities
  • Controlling Disease: Disease free life essentially means if you are suffering from any disease its treatment or management should be your first priority

Financial Independence

It has three dimensions- regular income, tangible assets and cash to spare

  • Regular Income: At any time, you must have at least two sources of income –one active and one passive. Explore the internet but beware of the quick rich scams. Always google the antecedents of any scheme you like and find out whether it is a scam or not
  • Cash to Spare: Those who say that money cannot buy everything may be right to some extent but believe me you cannot buy anything if you do not have enough money. Make it a goal of your life that you will never be without some cash at any time.
  • Tangible Assets: Sooner or later you must have at least a fully furnished house to live in, a car to and some form of portfolio investment. For this start earning and saving as early as possible and investing in some profitable venture i.e. stocks, even penny stocks are good investment for beginners and those with less income. Once you have enough cash, go for property which is the best game in town in these days of low interest rates. Doing your own business should be your last priority unless you have an extremely good proposition. And there is no harm in purchasing a lottery ticket-seriously! At least you will have the anticipatory excitement of winning the prize for a few days.


Fame is here being used in terms of recognition  which again has three dimensions- reputation as an expert in at least one subject, recognition as a writer and an acknowledged speaker.

  • Expertise: A person must know something of everything but everything of one thing. Be an expert in any one subject; it only takes two hours of daily study for 06 months to become an expert in any one subject. In a rapidly globalizing world, you never know when you are called to do a consultancy or deliver a lecture.
  • Accomplished Writer: You must aim to be a writer-not necessarily a Shakespeare but at least one who can write a good article or a report when needed. Again there are hundreds of courses, mostly free of charge or for a nominal price, available on internet. Start writing a blog, convert your posts into an EBook -the fastest way to become known for your expertise
  • Acknowledged Speaker: Should I write something to emphasise the importance of speaking for a successful life? Do join a course if you feel that shyness which has been hindering you to express you cogently and forcefully in everyday life. It is never too late.


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