Mr. Shahid Hussain Raja retired in January 2012 as Federal Secretary to the Government of Pakistan after putting in 34 years of service during which he held various management positions-staff, command and instructional in the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan. He has acquired extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in many diverse areas of public administration at grass root developmental and administrative levels as well as working as a commercial attaché in the Embassy of Pakistan, Rome, Italy, having close interaction with business men and government officials at international level.  Apart from holding government positions, he has been on various boards of corporations, committees and investigation panels gaining useful experience of working in the private corporate sector.  His expertise covers;

In his final assignment before retirement as Federal Secretary Privatization Commission , Pakistan  responsible for providing inputs to the Federal Minister/ Cabinet to formulate policy for the privatization of government assets ,he conceptualized and initiated a comprehensive  perspective plan for the restructuring and ultimate  privatization of State Owned Enterprises(SOE’s)i.e. Power Companies , Banks, Railways and Steel Mill etc. which will reduce the annual loss of approx. 100 billion PKR to the national exchequer besides bringing efficiency gains to these enterprises
Prior to that he served as Chairman, Pakistan Railways Board where he provided inputs to the Federal Minister/ Cabinet to formulate policy for Ministry of Railways for its efficient, profitable and sustainable operations. In that assignment, he prepared a three years plan for the revitalization of loss making Pakistan Railways and got the approval of 11 billion rupee bailout/restructuring package from the Federal Cabinet. This bailout package, when fully implemented, will turn heavily indebted Pakistan Railways into a profit making entity.  He also initiated the privatization of the freight sector of Pakistan Railways which will enable it to increase its income from freight operations from 4 billion to 12 billion within five years.
As Additional Federal Secretary, Food and Agriculture, Pakistan responsible for assisting the Secretary/Minister, Food and Agriculture in formulating food security policy and other agricultural policies for Pakistan, he supervised the preparation of ADB-funded long term National Agriculture Sector Strategy   to boost agriculture production particularly wheat and cotton which resulted in transforming Pakistan from wheat importing country to exporter of wheat within two years. He also led the team which formulated the pricing policy for agricultural inputs and outputs leading to improvement of terms of trade for agriculture sector after 25 years which subsequently brought the present boom in rural areas of Pakistan
As Chief Instructor, Pakistan Administrative Staff College  he was  responsible for coordinating the  training  of the senior officers belonging to different government departments being considered for higher  positions. As a member of the core committee which facilitated the upgrading of the Institute to the National School of Public Policy including updating of its syllabus and improving teaching instructions methodology, he was able to instill strong research capacity among the government officers and helped them in correctly analyzing the socio-economic issues of a political economy in a rapidly globalizing world
As Provincial Secretary, Government of Punjab, Health Department  responsible for assisting the Provincial Minister /Cabinet in formulating the health care policy for the largest province of Pakistan with a population of 80 million , he changed the direction of health department from paying exclusive attention to curative to also focus on preventive side i.e. launching of   anti-malaria, anti TB, anti polio, anti AIDS campaigns and other health awareness campaigns which were more cost effective and beneficial in the long term. He also streamlined the procurement of medicine and equipment to make it more transparent and efficient.
As the Joint Secretary, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, he was a member of the core team which established the Ehtasab (Accountability) Bureau to investigate high profile corruption cases in Pakistan, prepared its legal framework and procedures and successfully prosecuted several public office holders. To this date this Bureau is a well-recognized institution of international repute, instrumental in improving Pakistan’s international ranking in transparency.
Mr Shahid Hussain Raja has served on the boards of following government and semi government organizations of the Government of Pakistan

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