What is happening in Syria?

Since its redefinition by the British Foreign Office as the Middle East and its division into more than a dozen nation-states, complete with artificial boundaries, after the conclusion of First World War, the region has been in turmoil mainly due to these  very geographical and social reengineering of the region. As such, what is happening in Syria is a snapshot of what is happening in the Middle East as a whole which due to certain historical legacies, its geo strategic location, abundant resources and regional/global power politics has seen crises after crises for a century or so. These crises have been aggravated by the onslaught of Arab Spring, Iranian ambitions for nuclear parity with Israel and resource scramble. In the wider backdrop of rapidly shifting regional alignments, there are several conflicts and wars going on in the Middle East with deep rooted causes having serious implications for regional stability and global security. What is happening in Syria should be seen in this context.
I have written a short book about the Syrian crises which is available at Amazon (@US$ 2.99) at the following URL
After discussing the background of the overall crises engulfing the Middle East, its historical roots, various dimensions and the types of conflicts and wars going on in the region, the book explains the brief socioeconomic and political profile of Syria without understanding which we cannot appreciate the ground realties and historical context of the present Syrian crises. It then traces the origins of the present crises and enumerates the respective interests of the three global powers namely United States of America, China and Russia in the region in general and in these crises in particular. Similarly, the book has a detailed discussion about the respective interests of the regional powers namely Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Israel as well as those of the non-state actors. After describing the present situation obtaining on the ground, it tries to build three scenarios, their likelihood and ends with a set of suggestions to ensure a long lasting peace in the region.
I shall be grateful if you could download it by clicking the above URL and write a short review there. If you find any shortcomings or spelling/grammar mistakes, kindly let me know at my personal email shahidraja@hotmail.com

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